Spare a thought for London’s homeless this winter, as many are out in force this season to bring some much needed festive cheer to the capital’s weary Christmas shoppers.
The growing dishevelled community are out in their hordes on London's streets, making the West End and other main shopping and tourist areas light up - with a little bit of holiday happiness by wearing cheery santa hats, tinsel and flashing fairy lights.

The homeless lights were officially turned on by the cast of Made In Chelsea last Friday, and have proved to be an instant success.

 “Some wear tinsel on themselves or their cute dogs, and others actually wear twinkly blinky fairy lights - its wonderful and it really lights up the darkened streets in winter – and what's more its a free treat for the shopper!” remarked a delighted Bond Street visitor Amanda Burlington- Arcade.

And Downing Street agreed: “I just want to 'big up' the homeless this Christmas,” Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted, as he entertained The Queen at a cabinet meeting, “Their marvellous lighting up of late night shopping on our streets is a fab idea. The homeless really have made an effort and made their own contribution – in their own teensy way – to the big society. Well done.”
However, some shoppers had their reservations about the newly lit-up beggars, with one, Sally Hambleton-Bogthrush tweeting: “Beautiful fairy lights on drunk old man glinting in gloom of Sloane Square. Brightened my day and even made the smelly old tramp seem almost bearable for once. Still – couldn’t give him a hug though!  Retch!! Lol!!”

Others thought that they had seen several static displays of the beggars, with an excited Guy Hipster from Hoxton tweeting, “This morning I saw one of those new lit-up beggars - it was quite rigid and cool to touch – epic. Thought it was new Damien Hirst or Banksy installation – but turned out to be simply a man sleeping rough who'd frozen to death overnight with his lights still flashing. Took LED lights home for tree - good to recycyle. Thanks homeless!”
"Bit disappointed in the end it wasn't Banksy though,” he tweeted to his hundreds of similarly attired red lumberjack-style shirt and dark, thick rimmed glasses-wearing followers.


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