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rather obvious anti- anti-terror ad. On another tip - here's a plug for the new April issue of Viz 174 - it's very good this month, and not just 'cos I (unusually) have 3 ads in it; GOOSESTEP MASTER; SMACKMART; AL-QUADA PHONE CHATLINES;

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Too late for P.Eye, so here goes, er here. Not much scope for this time-sensitive stuff, apart from The Tart satire paper, or maybe Tory HQ - they might want to show they're not afraid of laughing at themselves... Thanks to Jamie for the idea. A good example of the kind of utter rubbish I churn out every week. Cluck it, might as well post the rest of the guff from last week as well... POOR HAVE 'WORSE HEALTH' SHOCK Bears like 'white sliced chip butties' Pope loves 'olive oil ciabattas drizzled with aioli' That morally dubious 'we'll race anywhere for cash' F1 season guide in full: Round 1: IRANIAN GRAND PRIX – Al-sharia non-homo ring Round 2: ZIMBABWEAN GRAND PRIX – Robert Mugabe Circuitory Oval Round 3: CUBAN GRAND PRIX – Autudromo Che Guevera Round 4: NORTH KOREAN GRAND PRIX – Plutoniumring Round 5: INDONESIAN GRAND PRIX – East Timorese Memorial Cup Round 6: SINGAPOREAN GRAND PRIX – Noh Chew Wing Gum Circuit Round 7: CHINESE GRAND PRIX – Tib