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10th Nov

TV TONIGHT: Shakespearean Play for TodayA woman who earns a living writhing around naked in fake blood and intestines complains of reputation being ruined… Following the Brand and Ross scandal, a new regulatory body will be set up to monitor celebrity indiscretions. OFTWAT will make sure that any mis.. (cont. p94) The Daily Mail: Has Jonathan Ross caused house prices to fall? On centre pages - A special investigation Does Russell Brand give you cancer? Top 5 responses from viewers this week: 1. Brand / Ross lose jobs 35,4022. 2. Should Sachs be compensated? 23,0823. 3. Will Georgina Baillie get her own TV show? 11,7894. 4. Economic crisis 285. 5. War in Congo 2 'The BBC has lost touch with public' thunder politicians from yacht in Adriatric WHO SHOULD BE THE NEW COMEDY CZAR? Juliet Bravo?, Ian Blair, Boris Johnson??? Lord Archer, Sir James Anderton, Sir Keith Richards Sir George Lamb, Sir Larry the Lamb, Sir Pinky & Perky Mr Bill (& Ben).... INDIA KNIGHT'S TOP TIP

27 oct stuff

27 oct 08: SALES OF FOOD FALL FOR FIRST TIME Has Prescott gone on holiday? This week's most expensive cocktail: SEX ON THE BEACH (Dubai Mix) Cost: 6 months in jail. "Government ministers are completely out of touch with the public," says George Osbourne from aboard a yacht in the Adriatric. How violent crimes were recorded before... GBH was termed 'apple scrumping' ABH was 'knocking a bobby's helmet off with your catapult' RAPE was 'assualt with a friendly weapon' that's enough... BIG BUSINESS MAY INFLUENCE GOVERNMENT POLICY DECISIONS SHOCK Bears consultancy with Forestry Commission proves constructive Pope's long term contract with Vatican not influenced by Catholicism-That Lord Ashdown charity list in full:Children's charities (insert names of Lord Ashdown's children here)Conservative Central Officeer, that'sit...-- SPORTS NEWS: Driver who wins Grand Prix not disqualified shockAstonishment as winner actually retains res