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7 Dec 09 stuff

Jesus 'may have had non-dom status' A new film suggests that Jesus may have visited Britain for less than 90 days in one year. The documentary, 'And Did They Cheat?', explores whether the Messiah performed several miracles whilst staying in Britain, such as not paying tax on any earnings, visiting several large, empty homes and turning huge debts into massive bonuses. FINAL AGREEMENT REACHED ON THAT CRUCIAL COPENHAGEN CLIMATE CHANGE MEETING MENU: Main course - Humble Pie and... er, that's, it. THE DAILY MAIL We don't understand the local language... Yet, we've built bridges... We've bolstered the infrastructure... We've tried to help where we can, but... ISN'T TIME THE ARMY PULLED OUT OF CUMBRIA? Is the sanctity of Marketing being ruined by christmas? asks the Very Reverand Simon Cowell BNP LEADER SAYS IT'S TIME TO GIVE UP GIBRALTAR* *To Germany NEW RUSSIAN 'POSITIVE HISTORY' SCHOOL CURRICULUM 2010 1. HISTORY - World War II 1931-1945