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Look out for the danger signs this Easter

"Don't let a lack of information on refund and exchange policies ruin your Easter ,"  warns Geoff Johns, your local trading standards officer. text follows pic... IF, like me you love chocolate, Easter eggs can bring unmitigated joy and pleasure, for the old, the young - even diabetics! But, in this upcoming holiday season, for every happy bunny, there's always some unlucky person who ends up with a raw deal - which can all too easily end in petty arguments, family feuds, divorce - and ultimately, prison and financial ruin. Every year we see problems for the consumer, so a little preparatory advice here - from your local Trading Standards Department - can go along way to solving any issues you may have when buying and consuming Easter -promoted comestible and perishable goods.                                                             UNWANTED EGGS ONE seasonal Easter 'chestnut' for consumers is buying an unwanted egg . We've a