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HOMELESS LIGHT UP LONDON THIS CHRISTMAS Spare a thought for London’s homeless this winter, as many are out in force this season to bring some much needed festive cheer to the capital’s weary Christmas shoppers. The growing dishevelled community are out in their hordes on London's streets, making the West End and other main shopping and tourist areas light up - with a little bit of holiday happiness by wearing cheery santa hats, tinsel and flashing fairy lights. The homeless lights were officially turned on by the cast of Made In Chelsea last Friday, and have proved to be an instant success.  “ Some wear tinsel on themselves or their cute dogs, and others actually wear twinkly blinky fairy lights - its wonderful and it really lights up the darkened streets in winter – and what's more its a free treat for the shopper!” remarked a delighted Bond Street visitor Amanda Burlington- Arcade. And Downing Street agreed: “I just want to 'big up' the homeless this C


In another boost to the Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations, it has been revealed that in private the monarch has the most marvellous sense of humour. Never-before-heard statements (apart from those made during the last anniversary) from such luminaries as wide ranging as the Archbishop of Canterbury, Sir Cliff Richard and John Inverdale, have paid tribute to her  'quick wit' and 'fantastic sense of fun.' Archbishop Rowan Williams said he was often witness to what he described as 'the hidden side of The Queen' - away from the confines of her Royal duties; "She is a wonderfully funny woman, who often entertains her private guests with a seemingly never ending series of uproarious anecdotes. Anyone who was lucky enough to meet her would almost always be in absolute stitches. Such was her sense of fun and bonhomie that Archbishop of York John Sentamu and I would often roll around the floor laughing like drains!" Sir Cliff Richard revealed that


Prime Minister David Cameron shook up the debate over executive pay yesterday when he demanded "clear transparency," and "no gimmicks" or "tokenism" when it came to reforming the financial system. In a 5 hour speech - given all major television channels - the Coalition leader tested his support in Tory heartlands by promising to completely break up the wealth of the City of London before vowing to 'shatter the FTSE 100 into a thousand pieces.' Wearing military fatigues and occasionally puffing on a large Cuban cigar, Mr Cameron ranted, banged his fist and occasionally foamed at the mouth whilst blaming the great Satan, the United States of America, for the current economic woes afflicting the world. And in a move that will no doubt raise eyebrows on the Tory backbenches, the Prime Minister revealed that - with immediate effect - he was freezing all the assets held by the FTSE 100 and appropriation of the capital wealth of those companie